Polygons Production Update:

Where we Stand in Manufacturing

Back in 2016, Polygons launched on Kickstarter with an overwhelming amount of support. Since then, we’ve been incorporating new design elements and determining the manufacturing logistics of such a huge order.

Polygons’ Production Journey

Whether you’ve already backed Polygons or you’re waiting to purchase, please hang in there with us since our intention is to not just deliver but to dazzle you with something that's grown into a far more innovative product. As always, thank you for your patience and support. Here’s a quick synopsis of our journey:

Raised Over $1M on Kickstarter

Our team was ecstatic after Polygons hit $1 million in funding on Kickstarter. But after refocusing our attention from raising capital to manufacturing, we realized things wouldn’t work out as originally planned when it came to modeling the product.

The Problem

The first iteration of Polygons had bigger pieces of plastic with silicone injection molded into the cracks. We realized the silicone made it harder to maneuver the product the way we wanted it to function.