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To our Kickstarter backers

We are only here cause you brought us here.

Together, we brought the Polygons to life in 2016 with a blockbuster campaign that saw you guys rally around our vision. It'll never cease to mean the world to us, and the topsy turvy journey we undertook together to navigate the various challenges and curveballs thrown our way will always define our commitment to deliver the very best, and most importantly, magic with every innovation.

We realise that there are backers on Kickstarter who are yet to receive their pledge rewards. Deliveries towards the fulfilment of all Kickstarter orders have been ongoing since March amidst a set of hurdles, but we are pushing on and will make sure that not only does every single backer receives their order, but they receive something that truly, madly, deeply make you fall in love with the Polygons!

We have been recycling profits acquired through sales made off our website to accelerate the rate at which Kickstarter orders are fulfilled, and are pleased to share that our efforts have been coming to fruition, with increased manufacturing and shipping capacity allowing us to fulfil orders at a much greater speed in the past month.

You were and always will be part of what Polygons was, is, and will come to be.

Lots of love,

Rahul and the Polygons Team